LASA Engineering Ltd


T-Bird Description

The T-Bird is a perfect combination of endurance, ISR sensors, data links and kinematic weapons.
It is able to loiter in an area of interest and has the time and sensors to identify and develop a target picture as well as has the ability to then apply kinematic effects to “finish” identified hostile targets.

ISR equipment and Airborne LINX package are provided by Airborne Technologies GmbH.

The T-Bird aircraft has been conceived as a rugged, long endurance ISR platform that allows operations from unimproved runways. Thanks to the fully armored cockpit, aggressive deployment and operation in hostile environments is possible.

Furthermore, the NVG compatible cockpit enables full day/night operations, which provides the ability to operate unobserved and untargeted by optically guided surface to air weapons at night.

In one package the T-Bird delivers a full “find-fix-finish” solution.